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A sequel of booklets focusing on the exploitation of condominium dwellers by conscienceless developers and their successors has been announced by Grand Lifestyle Publisher. Dubbed Condo*monium, the first booklet, titled CONDO SERFS, is now available from the publisher.

CONDO SERFS tells the true story of the tumultuous life in a multi-use condominium complex and urges the reader to heed the caveat emptor warning as part of a search for a condo home of one’s dreams or a rewarding investment.

The author, Dr. Heinz Dinter, explains the purpose of the publication sequel: “Someone’s first-hand experience is always a useful guide and the booklets’ intent is to be such a guide. It’s for your peace of mind.”

As a condo dweller, Dr. Dinter shared his research with fellow condo dwellers in newsletters and other writings, uncovered the successor developer’s ironclad ever-lasting control over the unit owners and abuses, and as a result suffered the ire of those he exposed for their wrongdoings.

The recent AARP acknowledgement that problems exist in condominiums with homeowner associations and asking state legislatures to pass laws protecting owners from abusive boards is a significant step toward protecting condo dwellers. The 10-point bill of rights to protect owners constitutes a major contribution by the AARP to assure the peace of mind of homeowners.

“This is very good news,” said state representative Julio Robaina, R-Miami. With 2.7 million AARP members in Florida, legislators will have to pay attention, the champion of unit owners said. “By 2010, 40 percent of the population of Florida will live in a condo or homeowner association environment,” forecasts Robaina, who also served as committee chairman of the Florida House Select Committee on Condominium Association Governance. “This isn’t small potatoes.”

The AARP’s efforts, however, do not directly address the exploitive relationships created by developers who are exacting unearned tributes from homeowners.

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