Man Convicted in West Sacramento Beating

David Eid was driving down the road after having dropped a friend off nearby when he saw what looked like a group of people “horsing around” on the roadside.  As he passed them and looked again through his rear view mirror he saw that one of them was on the ground and not moving at all, while the others were beating him severely. 

Mr. Eid made the first of his U-turns and came back past the scene on the opposite side fo the road.  The attackers saw him  approaching and they moved away momentarily, only to come back to the victim as Mr. Eid drove past them in order to make a second U-turn. 

Mr. Eid made his second U-turn, which now put him on the same side of the road as the attack, and he approached the attackers and revved his engine.  They fled and he was able to attend to the victim and call for help.  Mr. Eid said that the victim “looked like he was on the bad end of that one,” and that “he wasn’t defending himself at all.” 

An interesting point is that Mr. Eid was able to remember some of the clothing of the attackers.  He said one of them wore a light-colored sports-style jacket and that the other was wearing dark colored clothing.  He didn’t see any red colored clothing on either of them.  In fact, he testified that one of them was actually wearing a navy blue hat.  He was not able to see the faces of the attackers.

Officer Fredericko, who had happened to have contacted the Mr. Delgado and Mr. Romero at around midnight on the same night (i.e. about 3 hours prior to the incident) recalled that Mr Delgado wore a white jacket and that Mr. Romero gave an alias.

Key Witnesses

The two key witnesses in this case were Erica Raya and Vanessa Ramos.  It was Raya’s apartment from which Delgado and Romero allegedly left and returned to after the beating, though they’d gone out to get drinks before that also.  In his opening statement, the prosecutor stated that at the time of the incident and the police reports, Raya and Ramos were “very conflicted young women.”  He stated that “They have both struggled with their obligations in this case.”
Erica Raya was 20 years old.  She was friends with Delgado’s girlfriend, Vanessa Ramos.  Around 10 p.m. that night, Delgado and Romero came to her apartment, since Vanessa was already there.  She said Delgado and Romero stayed for three or four hours and then went out and came back with two gallons of Bacardi.  She stated that they came back for the final time about 20 minutes before they heard the ambulances. 

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