Man Convicted in West Sacramento Beating

At one point, she testified that prior to the incident, she had not wanted them to go outside the apartment and had said to them “you guys are going to get me in trouble.”

The prosecution jumped on this and asked “Did you think when either of them left that they were going out to cause trouble on the streets?”  Ms. Raya replied that she thought if either of them went out that he might smoke, and so she would get in trouble with the manager. 

She had given statements to Detective Hensley, and she stated in court that some were incorrect because she was hungover.  Mr. Spangler pointed out that she had gotten her information about the incident about the robbery and the cigarettes from Ramos, and so it was hearsay.

Vanessa Ramos was really the key witness in this case, in that she was the only one to tie Mr. Romero to the crime scene.  Her testimony casts serious doubt about her account.

On the stand, she was barely comprehensible, rambling and confused. It was difficult to glean anything from her obfuscating and confusing demeanor, she never answered questions straight, she broke into confusing tangents with her answers,and failed to grasp even basic logical structures.

Her actual testimony conflicted frequently with her prior statements, earlier testimony, and often with statements within the same sentence. Her recollection of events is confused, as sometimes she claimed to have been blurry, drunk and under the influence of Vicodin, while at other times she seemed to have clear and lucid memory of details.

The critical testimony was that when they returned after drinking a considerable amount of beer and liquor, they went together to find a cigarette, over the protests of Ms. Reyes and Ms. Ramos.

Later they returned, and Mr. Romero had a significantly-injured hand with a tooth stuck in it. Ms. Ramos’ testimony was that Michael put the tooth in his pocket. Her testimony conflicted with itself multiple times per sentence, but she suggested that one or both of the defendants may or may not have told her that they had hit a guy who came out of a bar, because he acted disrespectfully when they asked for a cigarette. When asked to clarify herself, she broke into odd irrelevant rants about not wanting Mr. Delgado to have gone out and about being worried that Mr. Romero would get Mr. Delgado into trouble.

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