Man Convicted in West Sacramento Beating

One key point that was derived at during the cross-examination was her desire to protect Mr. Delgado.

Gang Evidence

The evidence of gang involvement was almost all in the form of photographs found on a digital camera at the home of Mr. Delgado during the investigation of the incident.  We described their use in a previous article which highlighted Gang Expert Michael Duggins’ testimony.  It is noteworthy that, despite the fact that the DA’s Office claimed this was a gang attack, neither man was described as wearing red clothing which is synonymous with the Norteno gang.
DA Investigator Bruce Naliboff testified that he had transported the defendant from the jail to West Sacramento booking and for a blood draw, and had spoken to him en route about the defendant’s tattoos, that of the area code on his arms and of “RNP,” which apparently  stood for “Red Nose Pits.” 

Investigator Naliboff stated that he’d received numerous letters that had been intercepted by the jail and were supposedly to and from the defendant while he was being housed there..  He stated that all mail to and from defendants is opened – that legal mail is opened but not read.

Mr. Spangler on cross-exam pointed out that mail that is written out of the jail is not tracked from the writer’s hand to the drop box, thus anyone could write the mail and put any name on it.  He argued that there’s no proof that the defendant was the author of any of it. 

There is no system to determine who wrote the mail or even which section (pod) in the jail it came from.  Mr. Spangler, at the end of the examination of the mail, stated his objection with “I don’t believe there is sufficient evidence to authenticate the document.”  He was overruled and the documents were admitted.

The letters were examined and Naliboff was asked about them.  The letters were written in thick slang and were unspecific in most parts, just expressions of general emotions.  In various places the author asked for specific things to be sent such as “draw me a red nose pit” and “a right hand throwing up a RNP,” a reference to a hand sign that represents the letters RNP. 

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